Monsters in the Basement


Explore a monster-filled underground



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Monsters in the Basement is a strange mix between the gameplay from Pac-Man and the setting from Silent Hill. In it you play the leader of a group of friends trapped inside a maze full of aberrations.

The story begins when your young characters enter Doctor Klein's mansion and get trapped in the basement, which ends up being a dungeon full of creatures straight out of hell itself... or, rather, out of the Doctor's most terrifying experiments.

Your objective in each level is to collect all the flashlight batteries scattered throughout the basement's corridors, while avoiding the monsters trying to kill you.

Normally you'll have to avoid the monsters but sometimes you'll find ammunition that you can use to shoot and kill them. That said, use your ammo with care since it's a limited resource.

Monsters in the Basement is a fun Pac Man clone that offers a simple, entertaining gameplay set in an environment that's sure to give you more than one scare.
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